Former Senator George Voinovich Will Be Visiting Professor At OU

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Former Ohio Senator George Voinovich will be spending more time in Athens as a visiting professor.

Voinovich will serve as a professor of leadership and public affairs at Ohio University.

Voinovich was in Athens this weekend to celebrate the donation of his senatorial papers to Ohio University.

Ohio University President Roderick McDavis announced Voinovich would be joining the University's faculty at a ceremony dedicating a seminar room on the fifth floor of the Vernon R. Alden Library on Saturday.

"His responsibilities will include writing, seminar creation, public private program development and the development of the Voinovich collection," McDavis said.

Voinovich graduated from Ohio University in 1958. He spent 43 years in public office as the Mayor of Cleveland, Governor and Senator. In 2008, Voinovich donated his gubernatorial papers to the University by getting special permission from the Ohio Historical Society.

"In the United States Senate, the senator is the sole determinant of where he wants his archive and collection and I decided that I would send it to Ohio University so they'd have a good solid background of the work that I did as a governor and U.S. Senator," Voinovich said.

Voinovich's senatorial papers include information about his work with hiring practices, human capital, medicare and his work in the Western Balkans.

"This will attract scholars not only from Ohio but from all over the country and indeed all over the world to come study the work of Senator Voinovich," McDavis said.

Voinovich will not spend a lot of time in Athens. He says his main goal now is to work with his wife to maintain physical, mental and spiritual health and to spend more time with his grandchildren.