Ohio State Bomb Hoax Sentencing

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Authorities say a federal judge has handed a six-month sentence to a man who emailed the FBI a bogus warning that nine bombs were set to go off at Ohio State University.

The U.S. attorney's office says 25-year-old Jonathan Michael Birkemeyer of Xenia in western Ohio was sentenced Thursday.

Birkemeyer pleaded guilty in June to maliciously conveying false information concerning an attempt to destroy property by means of explosives.

His attorney, Keith Schneider, called the sentence "fair and equitable," noting that it also allows Birkemeyer to get needed counseling.

Investigators say Birkemeyer was a student when he sent a November email claiming he found a map showing bombs set to be triggered in door jambs in four campus buildings.

The threat prompted the evacuation and search of the buildings.