Athens Plans for Halloween With New Safety Measures

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With the annual Halloween celebration in Athens a little more than two weeks away, city officials are putting final plans in place to keep partygoers safe.

This year, planning includes the use of portable street lighting at the intersection of College and Mill Streets, as well as Stewart and Mill Streets.

City Service Safety Director Paula Horan-Moseley explains the temporary lighting is just one way the city is preparing to keep the costumed crowd safe. “We always have outside officers, both mounted and patrol officers that come in and work that because of the mass number of individuals participating. They'll be both along that high traffic Mill Street area, and, of course, uptown,” she says.

The lights will mainly be used to help with the increased pedestrian traffic during Halloween weekend. 

“The first time that we used them were for the last year's spring multiple house parties, commonly referred to as ‘fests. It seemed to really increase the safety of the area during that time, so this is indeed is the first time that we’ll be utilizing them during Halloween,” says Horan-Moseley.

Officials hope the extra protection will help decrease the possibility of crime, such as sexual assault, that could take place over the holiday weekend.