Marietta Fire Department Warns Of Smoke Detector Scam

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The Marietta Fire Department is warning citizens to be careful about purchasing smoke detectors from local contractors who are selling and installing them in the area.

Captain Jack Hansis says at least two Marietta residents have called to complain about a company charging $3,000 for 10 smoke detectors or $1,600 for five.

Hansis says even the best smoke detector that includes a fire detector and carbon monoxide detector should only cost about $60.

If residents have purchased smoke detectors from this company, Hansis says it will be difficult for them to get their money back.

Hansis says the company has been targeting senior citizens who may be apprehensive about installing smoke detectors themselves.

October is fire prevention month and Hansis urges people to check their smoke detectors and install them if they don't have them.

He says if anyone has questions about smoke detectors to call the Marietta Fire Department at 740-373-4631.