Fire Department To Set Celebratory Blaze

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The Albany Area Fire Department will celebrate its ownership of a new property this Saturday by lighting their mortgage on fire.

Albany Fire Chief Roger Deardorff said the department will burn a copy of their mortgage loan documents in a bucket to represent that the department's debt is paid off.

"Just to celebrate, let the community see what we have been doing here for the last, a few years," Deardorff said. "We don't owe for the building any more. It is ours."

The department purchased the property for the new station in 1996 and moved into the location in 2003.

Deardorff said the fire department will recognize the firefighters who donated their time and talents during the construction of the station and will also thank the Albany community for their support.

He said the department will use a fire safety house and artificial smoke to demonstrate fire safety tips to members of the public.

A helicopter and several ambulances will also be on display.  

The open house celebration is expected to take place from 2 to 6 p.m.