Director Of Zero Waste Intiative Attends Global Conference

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The director of a Southeast Ohio initiative aimed at generating recycling jobs was selected to attend a recent annual global convention.

Michelle Decker, the Executive Director for the Appalachian Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, was invited to the Clinton Global Initiative.

It took place from September 18-22 in New York City.

Decker says attending the event was amazing for the future of the organization.

"You have people form all over the world, you know, many people with wealth and philanthropic resources. Just a sense that central Appalachia has a role to play, Appalachian Ohio has a role to play in this discussion globally, and people were pleased to see that were making this kind of effort and looking at this issue," says Decker.

Decker says there is more to creating recycling jobs that simply recycling.

"It's reducing waste it's recycling, it's revising materials, it's engaging businesses and haulers to think very differently again about how we produce materials, not putting them into the waste stream. But, if we have to do what we are gonna do with them, we have an opportunity to create jobs with them," says Decker.

Decker was a guest on Newswatch last night.