Thompson Leads Ohio House Caucus On Appalachian Affairs

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The Ohio House Caucus on Appalachian Affairs has a new leadership team.

One of the co-chairs is Republican State Representative Andy Thompson of Marietta.

Appalachian Affairs went inactive for awhile and was recently reinstated.

Representative Thompson says right now there is a lot going on in southeast Ohio to deal with including the controversial fracking issue.

"One of the most exciting things we have going on is shale oil development and its bringing a lot of economic activity, its bringing a lot of job creation into our region and so that's just one of the issues we're talking about.  We certainly have issues of job creation and poverty to deal with," says Thompson.

He also says that the caucus will discuss the exotic animal problem that occurred this week in Muskingum County.

Thompson says  that this caucus was put together in order to give Appalachian Ohio the attention it deserves.