Two SE Ohio Representatives Co-Chairs Of House Caucus on Appalachian Affairs

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Two Southeastern Ohio state representatives say they will, "work together to identify ways to grow the economy and improve the quality of life for people that live and work in the area."

Ohio House Representatives Lou Gentile, a Democrat, and Andy Thompson, a Republican, were elected as co-chairs to the House Caucus on Appalachian Affairs on Tuesday.

Gentile represents the 95th Ohio House District, which includes Jefferson County and parts of Belmont County. He serves on the House Agriculture and Natural Resources, Financial Institutions, Housing, and Urban Development committees.

"Our part of Ohio faces unique challenges but also has unique assets with which to confront those challenges," said Thompson.     

Thompson represents the 93th district, which encompasses Guernsey, Monroe and Noble Counties as well as portions of Muskingum and Washington Counties.  

Thompson also serves on the House Agriculture and Natural Resources committee as well as the Education and Public Utilities Committees.