New Solar Company Comes To Athens

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Athens is the home of a new renewable energy company.

Ecolibrium Solar has set up shop in Ohio University's Innovation Center.

Founder and CEO Brian Wildes says their product could be a "game changer" in the solar business.

"We're in the solar business and as you know there are panels, PV panels, that collect solar. Well, we mount those panels to the roof. Actually, we provide the equipment that installers use to mount the equipment to the roof," says Wildes.

Wildes says their product will make this process quicker, faster, and cheaper than much of the competition.

And with the eventual hiring of 25 new employees, he says they can help the community in several ways.

"In addition to working with other solar companies, there's a cynergy there. But, I think in the whole area, we're looking for talent, professional talent, and recruiting and bringing that talent to this area and utilizing talent that's already here," says Wildes.

Wildes says he hopes to expand the business in the next few years.

Wildes appeared on WOUB TV's Newswatch program last night.