Solid Waste District Meets To Discuss Proposed Fees

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A public hearing was held last night at Hocking College, regarding a new plan for the Athens-Hocking Joint Solid Waste District. 

The currently proposed plan includes a $3 per ton trash generation fee as well as construction of a new recyclables processing facility.  
Due to House Bill 592, which emphasizes the need to reduce Ohio's reliance on landfills, the EPA demands ratification of solid waste management planning.
The plan must be approved by the two biggest cities in the county, Athens and Logan, before it can be sent to the EPA for approval.
During last night's hearing, the public could suggest changes to the proposed plan or state objections.
Kyle O'Keefe did just that by proposing a supplement to the current plan. O'Keefe is the Waste Stream Manager for Rural Ohio, which is a part of the Appalachian Ohio Zero Waste Initiative, and he said the supplement would increase benefits of the current plan. "Our purpose for being here tonight was to submit a proposal to the Athens Hocking Solid Waste District's revised plan, which was basically a supplement which would help to focus on how this revised plan can achieve a sustainable economic status and grow jobs from these resources, encourage more opportunities for recycling. It also looks at how the district currently needs some improvement on its management to reach the mandates by the EPA," O'Keefe said.
If a passed plan is not sent to the EPA by March 14, the agency will step in and create a plan of their own. The committee will meet again on Nov. 16.