Warren Levy On Ballot For Fifth Time

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Voters in the Warren Local School District will see a school levy and bond issue on the ballot for the fifth time.

The levy will be on the ballot again on November 8 after voters rejected the measure by only eight votes last spring.

The levy proposes a 5.9 mill levy and bond in support of three new elementary schools and one new middle school.

Superintendent Tom Gibbs says they took the high school off the building plan in hopes of making the bond levy more appealing to the voters.

"The most resounding criticism was that the total price tag was too high that the amount of tax increase was too high and so the board took the highschool off the plan for now and reduced the millage. The last go around the millage would have been about 8.7 mil and this go around it would be 5.9," says Gibbs.

Gibbs says the passing of the levy would mean a 21st century learning environment for the students.

"We have students currently that are in buildings that were built in the 1930's through the 1950's. We have some classrooms that are in an old opened classroom format that are not very effective. We have very energy inefficient buildings that are costing the taxpayers huge amounts of money in regards to an electrical system that was not designed for our current technology and electrical use," says Gibbs.

If the bond levy passes the tax payers will be paying 36% of the construction cost with the state supporting 64%.