OU Freshman Class Smaller This Year

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Ohio University has a slightly smaller freshman class this year compared to last year, but administrators aren't overly concerned there are 93 fewer freshmen.

“We anticipated that from the beginning. We saw applications coming in a little bit lower than last year,” says  Craig Cornell, OU Vice Provost for Enrollment Management.

He added there were about 100 to 150 applications less for Fall Quarter.

Cornell attributes the decline in applicants to the struggling economy and also a decreasing number of high school seniors.

The state of Ohio has experienced demographic changes that could lead to fewer potential college students.

The preliminary enrollment numbers for Fall Quarter, however, show an overall increase in students.

While Ohio University had 35,324 students last year, there are 384 more this year.

“What we are really happy about is that the areas where we really needed to grow and we were really hoping to see a lot of opportunities in, we have,” says Cornell. 

The university has a special enrollment management plan that emphasizes on attracting students in higher classes.

The count includes the Lifelong Learning Program, but also transfer and international students.

Cornell stresses the “unique specialness of the place” as a reason for students to choose Athens and Ohio University.