Two New Hocking College Trustees Selected

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Hocking College has two new board of trustees.

College Spokeswoman Laura Alloway says Athens Director of Public Works Andy Stone and State of Ohio Office of IT Executive Program Manager Darlene Wells were selected at a meeting last night.

A caucus of school board presidents in Hocking, Athens and Perry Counties made the selections.

Eight candidates had applied for the positions.

Stone says he will rely on his background in public works to help at Hocking. "I look forward to sharing my experience with facilities management, facilities planning and land management in decision making as it relates to Hocking," Stone said.

The new positions became available after two resignations of previous board members.

The two former trustees, Pat Light and Tonya Sherburne, resigned in the days right after the board re-instated Ron Erickson as president.

Erickson was fired by the board over the summer.

Stone says he doesn't think past tensions within the board will be an issue in the future. "All of the board members, those that I know already and those that I don't, are professionals and everyone will work together well," says Stone.