Eight Candidates Vying For Hocking College Board Of Trustees Seats

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There are now eight people vying for two open seats on the Hocking College Board of Trustees.

The candidates are State of Ohio Office of IT Executive Program Manager Darlene Wells, Hocking College Instructor Keith Butt, Retired Xerox Senior Customer Service Engineer Donald Ice, Ed Map CEO and Founder Michael Mark, Athens Director of Public Works Andy Stone, Athens Insurance Services President Andrew Vogt and PDQ Carryout Manager David Vogt.

Hocking College Director of Marketing and Public Relations Laura Alloway says that a caucus of school board presidents in Hocking, Athens and Perry Counties will decide which candidates to appoint.

"It's not up to the college officials or even the other board members.  The caucus members are the ones that select the board, so it's really their decision to make and what they are looking for in board members," says Alloway.

Two trustees, Pat Light and Tonya Sherburne resigned recently.

The resignations came after the board reinstated Ron Erickson as president of Hocking College.

Erickson was fired by the board over the summer.

The two seats will be filled at the November 3 caucus meeting.

Applications and resumes of all applicants are attached below.