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Challah Fest Aims To Fight Hunger

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The Second Harvest Foodbank of Southeastern Ohio will reap the benefits of a recent bread bake sale put on by Hillel at Ohio University.

On Friday, the Jewish life group invited students and the community to the first Challah Fest. Groups from around campus came out to present their own unique version of the bread. Challah is double-braided bread served during the Jewish Sabbath and on holidays.

Event Organizer Cydney Goldberg says the Sabbath is something Jewish families observe weekly. “Sabbath is a day you relax and celebrate resting and hanging out with your family. You go to services – it’s from Friday to Saturday evening,” said Goldberg.

Organizers explain challah symbolizes the food that was sent down to the Israelites during their 40-year exodus from Egypt. The double-braid represents the double portion of food that was given to the Israelites the day before a Sabbath or a Holiday.

Challah is usually sweeter bread made with four basic ingredients: eggs, flour, wheat, and sugar. The bread is traditionally served with honey, but people get creative and use ingredients such as chocolate chips, cinnamon, and raisin.

On Friday, the Challah Fest groups baked imaginative versions of the bread; creations included special ingredients ranging from vanilla frosting to a sweet honey glaze.

Those in charge of Challah Fest encouraged people of all beliefs to enjoy some delicious homemade bread.