Make your Gridiron Glory Player of the Year Votes With a Custom QR Code

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Viewers and fans who want to make their votes for Gridiron Glory's Player of the Year, can now simply scan this custom QR code, called a Flare Code, to make their votes.

Flare Code, a start-up company run by Ohio University students, is a new service that brings multiple streams of digital content together in a single place, optimized for traditional and mobile web.

To make your vote simply scan the QR code to the left with a bar code scanner on your smart phone and choose one of the six candidates. You'll also find player bios and other information.

The candidates are:

Mitchell Fouch – Sheridan Generals
Issac Lee – Wahama White Falcons
Austin Osborne – Jackson Ironmen
DeVon Sharp – Athens Bulldogs
Jeremy Willison – Maysville Panthers
Dustin Young – Nelsonville-York Buckeyes

You can also send your votes for Player of the Year to this email

The voting ends November 14 at noon, and only one vote per person/email address. Duplicate votes from the same email addresses will not be counted.