Reception To Celebrate “International Year of Forests”

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It's currently the International Year of Forests and one area organization is working to maintain forests and the jobs which depend on them.

The National Network of Forest Practitioners is hosting a reception tonight which will show the forest through photographs.

The Executive Director of the Practitioners, Colin M. Donahue, was a guest on WOUB TV's Newswatch last night and he says the event is more of a celebration than a convention.

"It's a time to celebrate the work of the people in the land, photographers, the year of the forest photographer and other folks who we've worked with. It's an exhibit of photographs from around the country and it's an opportunity just to get together and celebrate forests," says Donahue.

Donahue says the issue of protecting forests is currently a pressing one.

"It's really important because forests are vital to rural communities across the country, but are often kind of second tear in terms of policy. So, right now, there's funding cuts which Congress is looking to make with conservation programs," says Donahue.  "And so, it's a good time to highlight the year of the forest. It can give us a chance to say hey, forests need to be on the top of the priority list because they are important to the country and important to the world."

The event starts tonight at 5 p.m. At The Dairy Barn in Athens.