33 Crackdown Results In Nearly 2,000 Traffic Stops

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Authorities say more than 30 agencies made nearly 2,000 traffic stops over the holiday period along a stretch of a U.S. highway that crosses Ohio from West Virginia to Indiana.

The Ohio Office of Criminal Justice Services said Tuesday that agencies in Indiana and Ohio patrolled U.S. Route 33 from noon last Wednesday through 9 p.m. Sunday. The roadway covers about 250 miles through 10 Ohio counties.

Officials say officers made about 800 speeding stops, about 100 seatbelt stops and 21 stops for suspected impaired driving.

They also say they found about 90 drivers with suspended or revoked licenses and made 11 warrant arrests and 25 misdemeanor arrests.

There were no fatal or serious injury crashes.

Funds for the project came from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.