Athen Solid Waste Plan

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Athens City Council will vote tonight on an ordinance approving the Athens-Hocking solid waste management plan. The plan was introduced by Council Member Nancy Bain.  


The plan caused controversy because it proposes a $3 generation fee. 


Bain said the $3 per person fee is needed to "expand recycling services into the rural area of the county." 


Bain was confident that the plan would pass Athens City Council because the current recycling system in rural areas needs to be improved to meet state requirements.


"We are part of a large community and that community, especially the rural areas need to  have additional recycling going on, and this is a way to do it," Bain said. 


Bain said the generation fee will bring in additional $200,000 to Athens County. Currently, Athens County does not get "the full benefit of the citizens' trash," because 25 percent of all trash goes to Jackson County and Pike County, who are benefiting from disposal fees.