Hocking College Closes Inn Operations

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School leaders have closed public operations at the Inn at Hocking College.

The closing includes Starbrick Bistro and Foxfire Lounge, along with banquet services.

Marketing and Public Relations Director Laura Alloway says the College is still figuring out what to do next. "Back in June of last year, the college determined that they were going to go ahead and go forward with closing the hotel rooms," Alloway says. "At that point in time, in late October, we contracted with a firm called Panich and Noel to conduct a feasibility study on the continued feasibility of the Inn. So then going forward, we'll determine what the Inn operations are going to be."

The in-depth review includes a Lodging Market Study, a site visit by national franchise operations, and a review of the plans and financial records of the existing facility.
Alloway says she is looking forward to finding out what will happen next for the Inn. "We're very excited to see the results of the feasibility study to determine how we can go forward with making the Inn everything it can be," she says.

The findings of the Feasibility Study, including a presentation of future options, will be completed the week of January 30, 2012.