Hocking College Bargaining Unit Moves Toward Staging Strike

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A Hocking College employees union is not happy with the way things are going at the bargaining table and workers have moved toward staging a strike.

Members of the Hocking support staff union voted this week to authorize their leaders to send a strike notice to the college if a contract dispute is not resolved. Such a notice is required if a public workers union intends to walk out and it must be given 10 days in advance.
Laura Alloway, Director of Marketing and Public Relations, says the college has not received any notice. She also says no new talks are scheduled.
But there are discussions, she says, about keep the college open if a strike should occur.
"Currently the administration is in the process of doing contingency planning. We will remain focused on the mission of Hocking College, which is educating our students and meeting the obligations of our students, our parents, our faculty, our staff and the campus community. The students' success is really our goal and that's where we will keep our focus," says Alloway.
The union's contract expired last summer. About 90 people are in the bargaining unit, including custodians and administrative assistants.