Ohio Highway Patrol Investigating Police Impersonator

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The Ohio Highway Patrol wants to know who was in a white Crown Victoria that pulled over a woman near Ironton a few weeks ago.

Troopers say several people are of interest in this case but one man is saying he is being harassed by police for what he calls helping his fellow driver.

With a trunk full of highway safety gear in his white Crown Victoria police interceptor, cab driver Stacy Ellis says for the two years he and two others, with license plates, t-shirts and white Crown Victoria's, have called themselves the Southern Ohio Response Team.

He said they cruise U.S. 52 through Lawrence and Scioto County.

Ellis says he's never pulled a car over, that he's only tried to assist the disabled and help in car wrecks.

On Wednesday night, Portsmouth police pulled Ellis over.

The police report said they advised him to not use his light bar with the illegal red lights.

The Ohio Highway Patrol Sgt. investigating the police impersonation case said Ellis is a person of interest.

He also said Mr. Ellis has never been talked to by investigators or told he can't stop and help drivers.

Ellis showed reporters multiple incident reports of helping disabled drivers. 

Although these reports go nowhere and are seen by no one else.