Community Center Offers Veterans Free Services

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The Athens Community Center is offering a special service for veterans.

Veterans can use the exercising facilities at the Community Center for free.
They only have to show their ID.
Kimberly Willard, a dietitian, teaches a Healthy Heart Class at the Veterans Affairs Outpatient Clinic.
She contacted the Athens Community Center, looking for new opportunities for veterans to exercise.
She only hoped for a discount, but the Community Center offered to let veterans in for free. 
"One time, they were active and they did serve our country and it's just a way to say thank you," said Rich Campitelli, City of Athens Parks and Recreation Director.
The Athens Outpatient Clinic treats almost 2,000 veterans and there are more in the region.
Willard says exercising improves their physical and mental conditions
"It's very important for weight loss and to manage stress. It also can be beneficial in helping with depression and things like that," said Williard.
The Community Center has already been offering free access for active military members and recruits for a few years.
The Center also has discounts for other certain members of the community.
"We try to do as much as possible and still cover our expenses revenue and budget. So it's a very interesting balance here and there trying to work with all the different groups and folks," said Campitelli.
The offer to veterans has only been in place for a few weeks. 
Both Kimberly Willard and the Community Center say they hope to get more veterans interested.
Veterans can receive a tour through the Community Center Tuesday to get to know the facilities.