New Library Courier Service May Cause Delivery Delay

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Ohio University Libraries staff warn students and staff of resource delivery delays in weeks nine and 10.

OhioLINK, OU’s resource consortium of 88 university and college libraries and the State Library of Ohio, will be switching couriers at the end of the month when their current contract ends.

Robin Krivesti, Facilities and Stacks Manager, says the company taking over book delivery services for OU may require an adjustment period.

“What that will consist of for us right now is during the transition period from the old company to the new company, the time it takes to get items ordered to the delivery point may take an extra day or two,” says Krivesti.

OhioLINK allows students and staff to request materials from other Ohio libraries if the materials are not readily available in Athens. 

Laura Eling, an Ohio University Student and Technology Services employee, says the courier switch is inconvenient because resource materials are in high demand during the end of the quarter.

“If I didn’t know that it took a week… I would be kind of upset because I am the person that waits until the last minute to do something,” says Eling.

Alden Librarians urge students to request research resources for end-of-the-quarter projects as soon as possible in order to avoid delivery time conflicts.

Sophomore Mike Klonowski hopes that he won’t have to wait five to seven days to receive books from other libraries during finals week.

“Basically, if I need a book, I would like it as soon as possible,” Klonowski says. “I would not appreciate [having] to wait any longer than it needs to be.”

Krivesti does not believe that the new courier will be problematic for students, and says that Alden staff members are not sure whether it will delay delivery times at all.

“We really don’t think that there’s going to be a problem, but we want people to plan ahead just in case,” Krivesti says. “We don’t want people suffering for a lack of service.”

Students and staff members at Ohio University are encouraged to ask a librarian or make an appointment with a librarian if they have questions about finding resources on OhioLINK.

Updates and transition information is available on OhioLINK’s Facebook and Twitter pages.