Ohio Senior David Young Nabs Award Nomination For Original Music

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David Young, a senior in the Honors Tutorial College (HTC) studying in the School of Media Arts and Studies, has garnered a College Television Award  nomination in the Original Music category for the score he wrote for an episode of “Pantheon,” an Athens Video Works production.

Young, who has composed and produced music for various projects, is also proficient in creating sound effects and coaching and recording dialogue. He wrote the original score to several episodes of the science fiction series “Pantheon,” a show about the paranormal and a young scientist named Adrian who has devoted his life to exploring it. Young then submitted the second episode, “Shadow Death,” to the College Television Awards (Student Emmys).

“David took my Future of Communication class two-years ago,” Tom Hodson, director and general manager for WOUB Public Media, states. “I could tell that he was extremely talented and innovative. He looks at media through a futuristic lens. I am extremely proud of his accomplishments. He should be honored for his skill and vision.”

The College Television Awards is a renowned national competition that recognizes excellence in college student-produced video, digital and film work. Each year, entries are submitted from colleges and universities across the country and are then judged by category in preliminary and secondary panels by members of the Television Academy who are professionals working in each respective discipline.

Young progressed through several rounds of judging and is currently in the Blue Ribbon Panels final round of judging. Winners of each category will be announce in mid-February, and will be be honored at a black-tie gala in Los Angeles. They will also be rewarded with cash awards, industry recognition, and the opportunity to networking with top television executives.

For Young, this has altered his future plans upon graduating in June 2012. He recently decided to decline the opportunity to pursue Teach For America in order to focus his career on music. He sees this nomination as a confirmation that is on the right path.

“This will absolutely have a positive impact on my college career and future prospects,” Young states. “Besides being a great résumé builder, it has exposed my music and scoring abilities to a wider audience. It also gives me a little bit more legitimacy in representing myself. Anyone can say that they write music, but adding that you were a finalist for a College Television Award in the Original Music category carries a lot of weight.”

Young was inspired by a different musical influences when producing the music for “Pantheon,” such as the music from “LOST” and “Halloween,” as well as taking into account show producer and director Justin Roger’s vision of the show.

“I did my best to take elements of his [Justin’s] music selections, while adding my own unique twists,” Young explains. “I created several original sounds and virtual instruments for the series, so there was a unique sonic signature on all of the ‘Pantheon’ episodes as well.”

For more information about the College Television Awards, please visit this link.