Athens County Auditor Alleges Conflict Of Interest In Fund Dispute

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Athens County Auditor Jill Thompson remains locked in a financial disagreement with County Prosecutor Keller Blackburn and Sheriff Pat Kelly.

It's an awkward situation to say the least because there are legal issues to resolve and Blackburn is Thompson's legal representative.
"That's a conflict of interest in my opinion, and one that I would think that he would take very seriously and be very concerned about. And he's also threatening to take me to court over this matter. So how can you threaten to take your client to court and not allow your client proper council? It is beyond me," said Thompson.
Thompson – who's a Republican – requested own attorney, but the county commissioners, so far, have refused to hire one.
Two of the three commissioners are Democrats and so are Blackburn and Kelly.
Outside counsel has been hired to sort out the dispute which involves who control over certain grant accounts.
Thompson claims she does, while Blackburn and Kelly contend they should have authority over the money.