Mild Winter Worries Students With Allergies

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A warmer than usual winter is causing some concern for Ohio University students who are looking to the upcoming spring and allergy season.

Evidence has shown that mild winters can be a big trigger for earlier and more severe allergy seasons.

“The winter has been so mild, I'm worried the pollen count is going to be extremely high during spring,” said freshman Kara Weiner.

Any relief would be appreciated, especially for those who have a history of allergy problems like OU freshman David Felt.

“Last year, I was actually hospitalized because of allergy induced asthma,” said Felt.

When these Bobcats’ allergies kick in, it can affect not only their health, but also their social life.

With a busy spring quarter planned, Felt is concerned his allergies with have a negative impact on his productivity.

“I’m taking 18 credits next semester; I work at Baker,” he said. “I’m worried [the allergies] are going to affect my schooling here.”

Ohio University Campus Care has prepared for the allergy season by offering allergy shots for ailing students.

“Spring is always a bad time of the year for allergies,” said nurse Stacy Hayes who serves at Campus Care’s Allergy Injection & Immunization Clinic. “But this year should be a little worse because plants didn’t have a chance to completely die.”