Battle Over Dorm Room Hot Tub Heats Up

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Students at Ohio University go to extreme measures to personalize their dorm rooms, but one student took personalization to whole new level.

Senior Kevin Lenahan lives in James Hall on OU's West Green. 

Lenahan installed a hot tub in his room complete with automated jets and temperature control system.

"I own a hot tub at home and thought it would be nice to have one at school also. I'm an ultra marathon runner so when I come back from running its a nice way to relax the muscles," said Lenahan.

The hot tub has been in Lenahan's room for a little over a month, but after safety concerns arose officials from Residential Housing asked Lenahan to remove it.

"As far as I know, no violations have been made, but there are some concerns about the smell and the chemicals used to keep the pool clean," said Isaiah Griffin, James Hall Resident Assistant.

Lenahan says he thoroughly reviewed the Department of Residential Housing's student handbook and nowhere does it state that hot tubs are restricted in student rooms.

"I'm not sure why exactly they want me to get rid of it, I make sure it's clean but I think what bothers them the most is the fact that it smells," Lenahan said.

Lenahan said that most other students living around him like the hot tub and it has even allowed him to make new friends and meet people from other halls.

As for upkeep, Lenahan said the hot tub does not require much work.  Lenahan uses a variety of chemicals that he keeps in a compartment next to the tub. 

He said the chemicals only need to be added on a weekly basis.

While the department has asked that the tub be removed by March 1, Lenahan said his battle to keep the tub isn't over.

"I plan to file a complaint since I didn't violate any rules," Lenahan said.