Conference Win Leads To Merchandise Spike

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After the championship win in the Mid American Conference, Bobcat Basketball Fans are looking forward to the NCAA tournament.

Local businesses are stocking all of the merchandise fans want to celebrate the win.
Several stores in Athens are offering t-shirts and other merchandise that is championship-themed.
The College Book Store is now selling MAC-licensed shirts.
Other stores will have the merchandise available sometime this week, but it can already be ordered online.
Stores expect sales to go up because of the win.
"If you look at the orders we get after a big win like this, a lot of it is basketball-related but a lot of it is just general Ohio University merchandise because people get really pumped up about their alma mater, they get really excited and so they buy everyday stuff that says Ohio cause they're proud of their school and they're just excited because of the win," said Andrew Stout of College Book Store in Athens.
Bobcat Fans opening their wallets and purses will help pay the bills at Ohio University, which gets a cut of the sale price.