Business Owners Hope Sweet Sixteen Coverage Brings Visitors To Athens

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Ohio University's Sweet Sixteen spot in the NCAA basketball tournament has drawn national attention to Athens.

The town has been featured in several national media reports.

Many in Athens are hopeful that the media coverage will bring some visitors to the area.

"Hopefully, between the Sweet Sixteen and the big boulder, maybe it will draw some people here out of curiousity, and they can see what a great town we have," said Pamela Rollins, owner of Mountain Laurel Gifts.

But some business owners in downtown Athens don't expect to see a large change.

"We expect a few more, but so far we haven't noticed any change in the amount of business we've done with the NCAA tournament," said Chris Bruno, co-owner of Casa Nueva.

Rollins said even if business doesn't increase, the NCAA excitement was good for the town.

"It brought back a lot of excitement to the town that is normally dead during spring brak. That was great," she said.