Insomnia Tries To Rule The Night Life

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There is a new shop on Court Street, and to attract business, Insomnia Cookies is giving out coupons for free cookies through Monday.

Insomnia Cookies is unique because it stays open late. It is open from 1 p.m. to 3 a.m. everyday and starts delivering at 7 p.m. 

Corporate Marketing Manager Renee Sarnecky says the business targets universities because students typically stay up late.

“There’s always the option for late-night greasy foods, but we put something sweet out there,” Sarnecky says.  

Seth Berkowitz, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, came up with the idea for a late-night cookie business.

Berkowitz began selling cookies out of his dorm room and soon realized there was money to be made in late-night deliveries.

Since 2003, Insomnia Cookies has expanded to 19 locations, most of them on college campuses.

But the success doesn’t end there.

Berkowitz created a parent corporation called Serve U Brands, under which Insomnia Cookies is operated along with a new sister eatery called Sliders.

Their specialties are the smaller slider burgers and Belgian fries, a twice-fried fry glazed from a selection of 10 sauces.

Sliders has two restaurants open one on the campus of Syracuse and one at the University of Illinois.

Although Sliders is younger than Insomnia Cookies, Chief Operating Officer David Lasus says its projected to continue to expand to college campuses and urban areas.

“Sliders was created on the same premise as Insomnia, in that it’s open late and delivers. It’s attractive to college students,” Lasus says.

The motto for Serve-U-Brands Corporation is “Feeding the insatiable hunger of college students.”