Man Impersonating Cop Sexually Assaults Woman

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Police are searching for a man who impersonated a cop, pulled a woman over, and sexually violated her in Lawrence County.

Lawrence County Sheriff's Department Sgt. Randy Goodall says in his report a woman was driving on Burlington Macedonia Road when she saw an unmarked car behind her with a red and white strobe light flashing on the dash board, so she pulled over.
The victim says the man wasn't dressed as a police officer, asked her to get out of her car, couldn't produce a badge, and fondled her until he heard another car coming.
The victim told authorities the suspect's vehicle was either a dark blue or black older model Crown Victoria.
The suspect was described as a white male, about 6'2" and 240 pounds, with short brown hair and no facial hair with what looked like a burn scar between his left index finger and thumb.
Sheriff Jeff Lawless says if you ever get stopped by an unmarked car, don't pull over until you're in a well-lit, populated area. 
He says if you're in doubt, you can also call 911 and find out whether the person pulling you over is a law enforcement officer.