Layoffs Possible In Ironton Police Department

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The Ironton city budget is calling for cuts and layoffs to take effect in May.

Five Ironton police officers and four civilian workers at the Police Department were among dozens of employees who received letters Monday about possible layoffs.

Ironton Police Chief James Carey says the cuts will hit hard.

"Over the years we've already lost three officers and we've lost some other positions. So I think this is going to be, depending on how many they go through with, I think it's going to be pretty dramatic," said Carey.

The letters from Mayor Rich Blankenship stated the employees may be laid off due to a lack of funding on or after May 18.

Chief Carey says the safety of the citizens and the officers is a concern.

"The service we provide for the citizens will be affected and then there's always the safety with the officers, with less officers then they're less safe," said Carey.

The new budget calls for reduced funding across the board, but the mayor says he'll try to keep as many people as possible on payroll.