Local Program Helps Youth Find Summer Employment

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The Work Station in The Plains is currently searching for sponsors to offer summer employment to local youth.

This program features 64 teenagers throughout Athens County who are at risk of not graduating.

They will be paid for their work through a six-week program funded by the federal Workforce Investment Act.

The teens in the program will be matched with a sponsor in their personal career goal.

Nick Claussen, spokesman for Athens County Jobs and Family Services, says this experience will help students in the future.

"Hopefully, just getting this work experience, it's going to help them learn, going to give them a little more to put on their resumes or their applications to help them get additional jobs in the future," said Claussen.

Local employers are encouraged to participate in this summer program.

WIA Youth Coordinator Kim Hobbs says employers can help the next generation of workers in Athens County.

"This is giving the employers an opportunity to step in and say okay this is what I'm looking for, this is what I expect out of a student or a teenage worker. So, I think that's maybe where we can look at the biggest benefit is that they're helping train the next generation of workers in Athens County," said Hobbs.

The Work Station has partnered with sponsors such as Alexander School District, Nelsonville School District, a local insurance company, and the literacy center at Ohio University.

They are looking for sponsors who need outdoor workers such as construction and mowing, and sponsors with jobs involving animals.

Hobbs says she needs sponsors willing to teach students.

"I'm looking for a sponsor that first of all has patience and is willing to teach these students good job techniques, good job ethics, the fact that you need to show up everyday, and how to put in a good days worth of work," says Hobbs.