Arrests Up, But Atmosphere Calmer For 9Fest

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Despite more arrests than last year, Athens law enforcement officers and emergency responders say Saturday's 9Fest proved to be calmer than previous organized parties this spring.

The Athens County Sheriff's Department and Athens County Emergency Medical Services expressed overall satisfaction of the behavior from students.
Athens EMS Director Rick Callebs says overall, around 15,000 tickets were sold for the music festival, though specific attendance numbers were not available. 
The Ohio Investigative Unit (OIU) made the most arrests with 111 including charges for underage consumption, drug offenses, disorderly conduct, and fake identification. 
Julie Hinds, a public information officer for the OIU, said there was one individual who was charged with underage consumption and disorderly conduct who escaped detention, but was caught.
The Athens County Sheriff's Department had only three arrests.
Captain Bryan Cooper, with the department, was satisfied with the overall event.  
"On behalf of the department and myself, I appreciate how the well the students behaved and the cooperation with officers. It was just a great day overall," said Cooper. 
The agency acted as the lead unit over the event.
According to Hinds, 58 arrests were made during 8Fest in 2011, and she says the lower number could be attributed to the rainy weather last year as compared to this year's heat.
Athens County Emergency Medical Services treated 78 people with nine people transported to area hospitals and two refusing treatment.   
Callebs said that the field was pretty dry for the most part, but had some bulldozer tracks that could leave opportunity for someone to twist an ankle. 
Most of the medical conditions were related to sun exposure and lack of proper shoe choice, said Callebs.
The nine individuals who were transported suffered from heat exhaustion, asthma attacks, one broken ankle, deep laceration that needed stitches, one assault with cuts, some reports of unconsciousness and one eye injury.
This year was the first time the medical numbers were counted during the event.