Mill Fest Results In 29 Arrests By Local Police, 52 Overall

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The Athens Police Department, The Ohio University Police and state liquor agents arrested approximately 52 people during an annual Athens street festival Saturday.

According to a press release from Ron Lucas, Athens Deputy Service-Safety Director, there were many daytime attendees at Mill Fest but crowds thinned out after 6 p.m.

The Athens Police arrested 13 people on 22 charges, most of which were alcohol-related, with the exception of two for possession of marijuana, one charge for public urination, one for burglary and one for tampering of evidence.

The Ohio University Police Department arrested 16 people on 20 charges. 

A majority of these charges were alcohol-related, along with six charges for public urination and two for obstruction of official business.  

The Ohio Investigative Unit says on its Facebook page officers arrested 23 people for Mill fest and 18 more people at the bars along Court Street.

The release said that 10 house parties were shut down for violating the nuisance party ordinance, a law that gives officers the right to shut down a house party if they spot objects being thrown onto the streets.

The Athens County Emergency Medical Service responded to one call for assistance on an alcohol related emergency, which resulted in an emergency room transport.

The Athens Fire Department did not respond to any calls in the area.