Police Arrest 27 During Annual Palmer Street Block Party

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Police departments in Athens made a total of 27 arrests during Saturday's Palmer Fest block party.

Athens Police arrested 10 people on 14 charges in the vicinity of Palmer Street, while Ohio University Police arrested 17 people on 19 charges.

Arrest figures from the Ohio Investigative Unit were not immediately available.

At least 26 charges were alcohol-related, including underage consumption, public intoxication and open container.  Other charges ranged from public urination to possession of marijuana and obstructing official business, according to officials.

While the Athens Fire Department did not respond to any calls in the area, Athens County Emergency Medical Service responded to two calls for assistance.

Athens Police said that parties began around noon and were heavily attended during the daytime hours. About 10 house parties were shut down for violating the Nuisance Party Ordinance. 

Crowds began to dwindle around 7:30 p.m. and all other parties shut down by themselves within an hour.

Officers from The Ohio Department of Public Safety and The Ohio State Highway Patrol assisted with patrol efforts.