New Ohio Law Says Pit Bulls Are Not Vicious

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A new Ohio law removes pit bulls from the “vicious” dogs list today.

Pit bulls are defined as vicious dogs for 25 years as they have seriously hurt or killed a person or killed another dog.

The new measure requires evidence to prove pit bulls are actually vicious instead of just judging on their breed.

According to Athens County Dog Warden Jeff Koons, prior to today, pit bulls in the Athens County Dog Shelter have to be kenneled or locked and carry a hundred thousand dollars liability insurance.

“But today, they are off the books and they are like any other dog,” Koons says.

Some dog wardens opposed the law because of frequent pit bull attacks, while others support it.

“We just do what the law tells us to do,” Koons says.

Koons refused to address any particular pit bull attack, “We got complains on all dogs.”