Strickland Touring Southeast Ohio For Obama

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Former Governor Ted Strickland is a National Campaign Co-Chair for President Barack Obama and Strickland has been quite active in that role.

He was in Logan and New Lexington Wednesday and spoke in support of the President on Monday in Athens, too.
"I'm working mostly in Ohio, but I'm also doing some traveling for the president.  I went to five events in New Hampshire recently, so I'm trying to reach out to the smaller communities across Ohio, to let them know the importance of re-electing the president," said Strickland.
Strickland says he is very concerned about the country's democracy.
"I'm afraid that our democracy is moving more and more toward what I would call a plutocracy, where a handful of very wealthy individuals, billionaires, can use their personal resources to control the policy agenda of this country.  I think it will accelerate if President Obama is not to be re-elected," said Strickland.
Strickland says Obama has done a good job as president and his efforts to save the auto industry especially bennefited Ohio.
"Ohio will very well determine who the next president will be," says Strickland. "My personal feeling is that the president can be re-elected without winning Ohio, but I don't think there is a path to victory for Mitt Romney without winning Ohio.  I think Mitt Romney must win Ohio in order to win the presidency."
In Logan and New Lexington, Strickland was to be joined by local firefighters and the director of the group Ohio Rural and Appalachian Vote.