OU Junior To Attend “Convergence” Of Students

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About 300 college students from across the country are meeting in Columbus Saturday for a four-day event meant to start a national student movement.

Jacob Chaffin is a junior at Ohio University who will be at the National Student Power Convergence.

He says they'll talk strategy for lowering the cost of going to college.

"Higher education has traditionally been the way that people transcend their social class," Chaffin said, "and as higher education becomes more expensive, you are leaving out thousands and thousands of people from being able to advance their lives and move on to careers that will help their families and their communities."

Chaffin would like to see the government chip in more to lower tuition costs.

He says as school funding is cut, the burden falls on the students to make up the difference.

Chaffin is also a member of the Ohio Student Association, which has helped organize the convergence.

Students will talk about other topics as well, like making sure universities include them in decision-making.