Budget Shortfall Forces Hocking College Layoffs

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Hocking College is planning to lay off some of its workers in the next month.

President Ron Erickson wrote in an email to the campus community that the move is unavoidable to make up for a "shortfall of over $4.3 million in revenue" coming from decreased enrollment.
He says the layoffs are scheduled to begin as early as October 1 and the goal is to balance the budget.
"All efforts are being made to minimize the impact… on our students and and our employees," Erickson says.
Hocking had already taken steps to reduce spending which has softened the burden of the budget.
"Significant savings have already been realized by reducing our reliance on adjunct instructors," Erickson says, "and ensuring the most efficient assignments for our full-time faculty members."
A more specific plan for cuts is expected to be presented to the college trustees next week.