iPhone 5s Jump Off Shelves In Athens

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Athens, Ohio residents joined thousands of others across the country in queuing-up for the new iPhone-5 Friday morning.

Several stores in the city stocked up. 

Customers began lining up outside the AT&T store on East State Street hours before the 8 A.M. opening. 

By noon the store had sold out of its 68 phone-stock.

AT&T customers have long had the edge as iPhone users since the company initially held exclusive rights to the iPhone. 

But Verizon and Sprint customers in Athens quickly picked up the product when their companies offered it.

Verizon, also on East State, started out the day with far fewer phones: about 15. 

That number was down to just five by early afternoon.

Walmart and RadioShack is carrying iPhones for all the authorized carriers. 

Walmart started with 10 phones and was down to six.

RadioShack started the day with two iPhone 5s.

If you were one of the customers not able to get an AT&T phone before they were sold out, a worker at the Athens store said another shipment is expected by Tuesday.