Name Game: Two Prices Running For Monroe Co. Commissioner

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It could be a case of mistaken identity if Monroe County voters aren't careful when they go to the polls in November.

Voters will see the same name twice on the ballot in the race for county commissioner.
Incumbent Democratic Commissioner Tim Price is running for re-election and he faces Independent challenger Timothy Price.
To avoid any ballot bewilderment, the county's Board of Elections' sample ballot lists the men's middle initials: R and D respectively.
While the move is meant to make casting a vote clearer, challenger Timothy D. Price says he is afraid the full names might mislead voters at the polls in a different way.
"The D and the R…I think that's really going to be confusing because Republican and Democrat. Those are the worst middle initials to have because it will have D and R in our names," said Price.
So, the men had to great creative with their campaign slogans to avoid any candidate confusion.
"The Incumbent is Timothy R. Price and his campaign is he's using his middle initial standing for 're-elect,' and I'm using mine for a 'difference'," explained Price.
The men have just about a month before Election Day to make individual impressions on voters.