Guernsey County Levy Seeks To Expand Senior Citizens Program

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Guernsey County residents will vote on a new levy this November that has the potential to feed thousands of senior citizens and veterans in the county.

The levy would annually generate $320,000 for the Guernsey County Senior Citizen Meals on Wheels Program.

Last year the program provided at least 133,000 meals to qualifying senior citizens.

Shon Gress, executive director of the Guernsey County Senior Citizens Center, said the program is expanding this year to reach a new demographic.

"It's our philosophy here that if you are a veteran of any age, if you are 23-years-old and went to Afghanistan and you came back disabled, regardless if you are 23 or 84, we feel that if you need a home delivered meal then we will provide one for you. We think it's the right thing to do," he said.

Gress said the levy's financial impact on voters isn't much.

"If you own a property that is valued at $50,000, basically the additional cost to you would be $7.87 a year or about a cost of a value meal at Wendy's," he said.

Gress said the program needs the additional funds because of the rise in food and gas prices and unexpected state and federal budget cuts.