Help Me Grow Program Continues Despite Changes

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Despite recent changes at the state level, the Help Me Grow program in Athens County is able to continue.

The Help Me Grow program provides home visiting services to first-time expectant mothers and an early intervention service for children with developmental handicaps or other medical issues.

In July, the program at the state level changed the rules so that children who suffered abuse and neglect could not continue to receive the program's services unless they had a handicap as well.

According to Cindy Birt from Children Services, when faced with these changes, she didn't have to look far for help.

"We have such a great team going at this point. We've had two agencies step up to take on this program, otherwise we would've lost it," Birt said.

Integrated Services for Appalachia Ohio and Tri County Mental Health and Counseling are sharing the services.

Birt says she is happy with the way things have turned out.

"It's really been a great partnership with everybody. I think we found a good solution to a problem we were facing this summer."

Children services is not still operating the program, but is still involved. They are still providing space, phones and other tools to help keep the program running.