Player Of The Year Snapshot: Konner Standley

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After seven consecutive weeks of nothing but wins, the Trimble Tomcats are feeling good going into the last leg of regular season play.

With only having one loss to an undefeated Wahama team, this Tomcat team is one to reckon with when it comes time for playoffs. A key factor for this team is junior quarterback and team captain Konner Standley.  

After being asked to switch over from running back as well as being asked to take over the team as captain during only his third year, Standley has found under center to be just the perfect fit for him.

If you’re new to the Tomcat team, or haven’t seen a game yet, don’t let his size make you look the other way. Standley is currently leading the team in both passing and rushing yards; a leader like this just can’t be ignored.

It is in no way out of the ordinary to see nothing but a mob of opposing team jerseys, then see Standley flying out of the pack with the football – his size is what makes him a great runner and able to power through any opening on the field. This, combined with his arm, is what makes him an outstanding quarterback.

After nine weeks, Standley has nearly 1,000 passing yards and 14 touchdowns in addition to 744 yards rushing for nine touchdowns.

This versatility is exactly what Head Coach Phil Faires saw in Standley and wanted to see every week on the field. Surprisingly enough, the pressure hasn’t gotten to Standley, and he is only improving with each week.

Standley and the rest of Trimble’s offense has been stellar, and a big reason for their success. The Tomcats currently have the most points in the TVC-Hocking thanks to Standley’s ability to see the field and his aggressiveness to run the ball himself.

Gridiron Glory has seen all of the talent and potential this young QB has to offer, week in and week out, which is why he is chosen to be one of our Player of the Year candidates. Be sure to keep an eye out for this guy next season, as well.