SE Ohio Museum Exhibit Focuses On Civil War Vets

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A showcase of Ohio's Civil War history, including photographs and features on Civil War vets, has opened in Marietta.  

The Campus Martius Museum now has an exhibit called Touched By Conflict: Southeastern Ohio and the Civil War.

The exhibit will remain on display through year 2015.

Museum historian Bill Reynolds says the exhibit offers a way to connect with those Southeast Ohioans who fought in the war.

“There are objects there that this is the only chance that you'll ever have to probably see them. They tell an interesting story, from the beginning of the war, with John Brown's raid, to the end of the war and what the soldiers did afterward with forming the Grand Army of the Republic; how they wished to be remembered,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds says Washington County contributed thousands of people to the cause, and many of them did not come back.