Zanesville Man Accused Of Promoting Multiple Tax-Fraud Schemes

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The United States Department of Justice says it has asked a federal court in Columbus to permanently bar a Zanesville man from promoting tax-fraud schemes and preparing federal tax returns.

John Allen, who does business as Allen & Associates, is accused of promoting several schemes involving the preparation of fraudulent federal income tax returns based on the premise that his customers do not receive wages as defined by law.

A civil injunction lawsuit alleges that Allen has promoted at least three tax-fraud schemes, moving from scheme to scheme once the IRS recognizes the fraudulent returns. The complaint claims that he prepares his customers tax returns, but does not sign the returns as the preparer.

According to the complaint, Allen writes frivolous letters addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury and the commissioner of the IRS on behalf of his customers, and has solicited up-front fees of $250 from the customers to prepare their returns and handle any correspondence with the IRS.