Hocking Co. Man Charged With Wife’s Attempted Murder

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A Hocking County man faces attempted murder and felonious assault charges following the shooting of his wife.

According to Hocking County Sheriff's Deputy Dave Valkinburg, Paul Sinkovitz, 65, shot his wife Delia Sinkovitz, 56, during a domestic dispute on Friday. 

Valkinburg says the bullet her husband fired at her did not penetrate the right side of her chest, but bounced off, leaving her with only minor bruising. 

Delia Sinkovitz called law enforcement around 4:40 p.m. reporting that she had been shot at 36970 Smith Chapel Road. 

She then put Paul Sinkovitz on the phone with police while she and her two adult daughters, ages 22 and 17, left the home.

Valkinburg says the police arrived after Paul Sinkovitz spent three hours on the phone with dispatch, finally agreeing to turn himself in.

Valkinburg says officers believe Paul Sinkovitz may have been drinking at the time leading up to the altercation.

He is currently in custody with two bonds set at $500,000 each. 

His preliminary hearing is set for December 3 at 1 p.m.