Giant Hole Wreaks Road Havoc In Tuscarawas County

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Ohio Department of Transportation officials are trying to figure out how to fill a gaping 125-foot wide opening that's swallowed up part of State Route 516 in Dover.

The 30-foot deep hole is located near the Newton Asphalt Paving site.

District Deputy Director Lloyd MacAdam says shifting land caused the damage.

“Basically, the side of the pit began to sink into the hole that was being dredged by the sand and gravel operations and the side started falling in and just kept falling because it's just sand. The whole soil is sandy,” said MacAdam.

Newton Asphalt workers were on-site when it happened and called for help immediately.

MacAdam says the problem was a surprise to both officials and the community.

“It obviously was unexpected. In 16 years of working with ODOT, I've never seen anything like that in my life,” said MacAdam.

A portion of Route 516 is closed, but detours have been set-up for vehicles.

MacAdam says officials are unsure when the road will open and how the problem will be fixed.

“We're going to have our experts in our central office come up and access the situation and come up with a plan to fix this,” said MacAdam. “Unfortunately we're entering our season where we do very little construction because of the winter weather. It's probably going to be some time because before we get this road opened back up.”